Fearless Leader or Lame Duck?
Putin’s certain triumph heralds fresh uncertainty. From The Conversation. By Cynthia Hooper
16 March 2018
Around the Bloc
‘Misinformation’ Led to Serbia’s Outrage Over U.S. Top General’s Remark

Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin reacted to allegations of Russian influence in Serbia, interpreted as Belgrade being a “danger for the Balkans.”

16 March 2018
Around the Bloc
Groups in Kyrgyzstan and Croatia Go Out of the Box to Promote Female Empowerment

While a group of girls are preparing the launch of the first Kyrgyz satellite in Bishkek, Croatian artists design a card game to pay tribute to female trailblazers.

16 March 2018
Around the Bloc
Kyiv Weighs Costs of Prosecuting Manafort

Ukraine’s elites may feel that keeping Trump happy outweighs the karma points  for crushing his former aide.

15 March 2018
Around the Bloc
Coalition Partners Undermined Me, Says Slovenia’s Outgoing Premier

High court orders a referendum on government-backed railway project to be re-run.

15 March 2018
Around the Bloc
Moldovan Ex-MP Jailed as Russian Spy

Lithuania also engrossed as a parliamentarian quits amid allegations of working for Russian interests.

15 March 2018
Around the Bloc
Bulgaria Fires Back Over Erdogan’s Provocative Comments
The Turkish president’s remark about “victims and oppressed brothers” in the Balkans rankles in the former Ottoman colonies.
14 March 2018
Satan’s Hand in the Budapest Metro
The head of Budapest’s public transport system stood in the way of a Russian metro company’s business, with more than 200 million euros at stake. That didn't last long. From VSquare. By Szabolcs Panyi
14 March 2018
Arts & Culture
The Museum of Anti-Terrorist Operations

What was thought as a way to remember the victims of a bloody conflict, and point fingers at the enemy, might turn out to be a unique instrument of identity-building in Ukraine.

By Abel Polese
28 February 2018
Love, Auntie
Serbian Journalists face harassment for investigating the Defense Minister's spending, and his “aunt from Canada.” From Global Voices. By Marko Angelov
21 February 2018
A Time to Reflect

On 17 February, the youngest state born from the dissolution of Yugoslavia marked 10 years of independence.

By Riccardo Celeghini
19 February 2018
Economy & Business
Economic Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics

A mysterious company is paving the New Silk Road in Eastern Europe and beyond. From China Digital Times.

By Martin Hala
15 February 2018
Protest in Russia's Paper Town
The residents of a corner of Karelia known for its paper mill and its prison are fed up with poor quality housing, inefficient public transport and an unresponsive state — and are trying to do something about it. From openDemocracy. By Anna Yarovaya
12 February 2018
Conflict & Diplomacy
Who Gets to Use the Name ‘Macedonia?’
A decades-old row yet to be resolved. From The Conversation. By Neophytos Loizides
8 February 2018
PremiumPolish Public Broadcaster Veers from Impartial Mission
Anti-opposition programming reflects a long-standing tradition in Poland of politicising TVP. From the International Press Institute. By Annabelle Chapman
1 February 2018
Cafe Society Versus the Czech Pub
The re-election of Zeman as Czech president exposes the opportunities and the limits of Moscow's meddling, along with a rift in Czech society. From Raam op Rusland. By Mark Galeotti
31 January 2018
Around the Bloc
Premium‘Smog Vacuum Cleaner’ to Turn Krakow’s Pollution Into Jewellery

But the Smog Free Tower is unlikely to solve Poland’s pollution problem, caused by its heavy reliance on coal.

26 January 2018
Who Killed Iryna Nozdrovska?
The murder of a prominent female lawyer in Ukraine brings into question the progress of reform and revolution. From openDemocracy. By Valeria Costa-Kostritsky
24 January 2018
PremiumRemoving the Stigma

How can the Czech Republic have such low rates of depression and still so many suicides?

By Charlie Mitchell
23 January 2018
PremiumAn Electoral Theatre

It’s hardly a secret that Turkmenistan is one of the most unashamedly authoritarian countries in the world. Why do they even bother holding elections?

By Donnacha O Beachain and Abel Polese
19 January 2018
Why Wait?
Wikipedia and Google accidentally declare Putin the winner of March 2018 presidential elections. From Global Voices. By Christopher Moldes
17 January 2018
Europe’s Illiberal States
Why are Hungary and Poland turning away from constitutional democracy? From The Conversation. By Stephen I Pogany
12 January 2018
TOL Recommends
Best of TOL for 2017
Our favorite stories of the year.
22 December 2017


Ivory Tower
When States Kill

There can be no doubt who poisoned Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury on 4 March. The interesting question is why.

15 March 2018
Middle Europa
Murder in Slovakia

Still hard to fathom at the moment, the ramifications of Jan Kuciak’s murder could usher in an era of political change.

2 March 2018
Fourth Estate
Always on the Agenda

The Romanian media has to constantly defend its freedom in the face of never-ending threats of encroachment from the ruling class.

28 February 2018
Balkan Eye
Bulgarian Discovers a Third Sex

How a ratification debate, a translation misunderstanding, and social prejudices set the country on fire.

23 February 2018
Middle Europa
All About the Money
The weariness toward the EU and the turn to populism among Visegrad countries might be grounded in plausible economic arguments.By MARTIN EHL
13 February 2018
Ivory Tower
The Search For a New World Order, Then and Now Premium
A century later, Woodrow Wilson would be aghast at the lack of community among nations.By PETER RUTLAND
2 February 2018
Fourth Estate
Media Predators Premium

Those willing and able to emulate the most despicable enemies of a free press are a dime a dozen.

30 January 2018


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