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20 April 2018
Belarus Turns the Screws on Online Media

Journalists push back against proposed amendments that would complicate the work of online reporters and impose restrictions on social media users.

20 April 2018
Fears of Radiation Leak From Flooded Ukraine Mine

Kyiv and Washington are calling on Ukrainian separatists not to stop the pumps in a mine where a small nuclear bomb was detonated in 1979.

20 April 2018
Romanian Government Reportedly Backs Israel Embassy Move

Political clash could ensue as country’s president and EU brass oppose the idea.

19 April 2018
A Likely Story: Russia Urges Foreign-Based Students to Come Home

Government agency launches program aimed at students in Britain and other "unfriendly countries."

19 April 2018
Azeri-Dutch Journalist Dodges Baku’s Extradition Bid

Ukraine decides against sending reporter back to Azerbaijan, where he faces charges similar to those thrown at other regime critics.

19 April 2018
Serbia’s Seselj Sabotages Croatian Lawmakers’ Historic Visit

Some question the nationalist leader’s right to a seat in parliament after a UN court upheld his war crimes conviction.

19 April 2018
A Rum Day for Central European Drinkers

Suspected cancer-causing substance in Czech booze is also found in baby food and coffee.

18 April 2018
Albanian Lawmaker Banned From U.S.

Washington earlier slapped an entry ban on a former chief prosecutor, offers no explanations for the penalties.

17 April 2018
Doubts Raised Over Russian Journalist’s Death

Authorities are not treating Maxim Borodin’s death as a crime, although colleagues say the young reporter’s stories about local mercenaries might have hit a nerve.

17 April 2018
Protests Rock Yerevan for Fifth Day

Armenians voted for a more accountable political system, but the ex-president’s job switch is evoking the specter of one-man rule.



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