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VREME: Milo Djukanovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro: We Can Go It Alone

It is now obvious that “the two eyes” (expression meaning Serbia and Montenegro) are no longer looking in the same direction. What is the reason which points to the political split between the Serbian and the Montenegrin leadership? Well, I wouldn’t call it a split. I think the media have exaggerated the disagreement which has […]

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VREME: Dobroslav Paraga, a Believer: A Man From the Waiting Room

The Serbo-Croatian war is producing adverse effect on the nations involved, since their stakes are different. Milosevic is fighting outside Serbia governed by the desire to expand his territories with the help of the previously commonly held Army, whereas Tudjman is fighting to preserve the so-called Independent Croatian State Consequentially, the divisions within Serbia only […]

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Dangerous Dreams

11 November 1991 The town of Sid was planned to become a war victim, it served merely as a pretext for spreading the war and is the object of mutual political interest, no matter who attacked it. This incident suits Zagreb perfectly, because it hopes that the war, which might lead it to the victory, […]

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Vojvodina: The Mutiny Virus

11 November 1991 The people of Vojvodina are already complaining about the fact that their region is being ruled by the immigrants from Montenegro and Herzegovina and that they are advancing their careers by sacrificing the citizens of Vojvodina to Milosevic’s war aims. The additional tension is being stirred by the refugees from Slavonija, whose […]