Pupils are taught in their native tongue and in Hungarian. Some wonder if they will ever see home again. From Telex.

While Hungary has garnered attention for Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s restrained attitude toward condemning Putin’s war on Ukraine, ordinary Hungarians continue to lend a helping hand to the refugees who have flooded into their country (around 450,000 as of 14 April). 

A small private school in Szekesfehervar, a city in central Hungary, is one example. The school, Digitalis Tudasert Iskola, has started a class for Ukrainian refugee children, provides lessons in Hungarian and also in Ukrainian – with teachers who have themselves fled the war. The teachers and students shared with Telex what they left behind, what they miss the most, and whether they think they might one day be able to return home. 

Gergely Nyilas, Mate Szilagyi, and Tamas Szilli are journalists at Telex, where this article was originally published.  Telex is a news website started by journalists from Index.hu who quit en masse in July 2020, citing government pressure. Telex is now Hungary’s largest community-funded news source, supported almost exclusively by readers. Donations can be made via Telex’s site. Transitions has slightly edited the English translation to conform to its editorial style. Translated by Andrea Horvath Kavai. Reprinted by permission. Telex also publishes a newsletter with links to its English-language content.