War in Ukraine

Pictures for Posterity

Photographer documents the reality and resilience of Ukraine’s graduating high school students.

Green Membership for Ukraine

The best option for transforming Ukraine’s devastated economy is an invitation to join the European Green Deal, a leading EU expert argues.

The Collective Zelenskiy 

Amid Russia’s war, Ukraine’s president is more popular than ever. Here’s how his team rallied a nation – and the West. From Meduza.


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Around the Bloc

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Anybody Can Go Somewhere

The story of a factory worker from a small city in Moravia is yet another example of the power of the EU’s Erasmus program to change lives.

Getting Defensive

The war in Ukraine has forced the countries of the Visegrad Four to take their defensive capabilities – and shortcomings – more seriously, but that comes with much risk. From the German Marshall Fund. 

Latest News

Viktor Orban, In His Own Words

The Hungarian prime minister sparked a major uproar with his “mixed race” comments, which even a long-term advisor termed a “pure Nazi text worthy of Goebbels.”