Upheaval in Belarus

Belarus on a Knife’s Edge

It is not clear if the opposition to Lukashenka has a cohesive organizational underground capable of coordinating a sustained campaign of resistance.

Out of Touch

By not inviting international election observers, Lukashenka made an early statement that he would try to hold onto power no matter what. But he might have miscalculated this time.


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Around the Bloc

Thursday, 24 September

Regional highlights: protest at Polish mines; Russia’s blacklist grows longer; Hunter Biden and Ukraine; coronavirus in Czechia; and eagle hunting in Mongolia.

Wednesday, 23 September

Regional headlines: Lukashenka sworn in; controversial pension hike in Romania; Russian cult leader arrested; Balkans least accepting of migrants; and a Jewish museum in Azerbaijan.

Tuesday, 22 September

Regional headlines: Roman Abramovich’s secret stakes; Navalny’s recovery; life in jail for Burgas bombers; gambling in Kosovo; and coronavirus in Georgia.

Friday, 18 September

Regional headlines: animal rights in Poland; war of words in Belarus; military games in Eastern Europe; informal payments in Moldova; and Turkmenistan dusts off Parthian past.


Latest News

Myth Busters

Central European sleuths use technology to detect and combat coronavirus disinformation.

What Went Wrong?

Bosnia seemed to be dealing with the pandemic so well, but that was before politicians started acting like their old selves and the public lost trust (again).

Coalition Redux

North Macedonia’s ruling parties should look familiar, but will their slim majority hold in parliament once EU accession negotiations accelerate?

Parks, Not Plastic

A Moldovan journalist visits Georgia for a look at modern waste management methods in this famously hospitable country. From Moldova’s Diez news site.