Poland Votes

And Then There Was One

Poland’s election results may have grave implications for Hungary’s autocratic prime minister, Viktor Orban. Republished from the German Marshall Fund.

War in Ukraine

An Empty Threat?

Why Russia pulled out of its grain deal with Ukraine – and what that means for the global food system. From The Conversation. 

No Sure Thing

Support for Ukraine among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe has been formidable so far, but will it last?


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Solutions Journalism

A Taste for Life

Eating disorders have long been a taboo subject in society. One non-profit organization in Bratislava hopes to break that stigma.

New Life for Odesa’s Beaches

Cooperation between the city and the military allowed the port city’s famed beaches to reopen this summer for the first time since the full-scale Russian invasion.

Bus Stop Shakespeare

In Gdansk, people with Down syndrome are finding jobs thanks to an innovative collaboration between NGOs and the private sector.

Solutions Journalism Turns 10

In the beginning, journalists wanted to write about what works, but were afraid to try it, lest it come out like advocacy, cheerleading, or PR.


The Rise and Fall of Heroes

On the date of its greatest triumph, Bulgarian football faced its demise – yet another lesson from the country’s muddled transition after 1989.

Latest News

From Living Rooms to the World 

A Czech ethnomusicologist has recorded over 1,000 Roma folklore songs, working to preserve a culture that has been passed down by generations in music. 

Deepfake Menace Hit Slovak Elections

Incident is believed to be one of the first examples in the EU of using AI to manipulate the likeness of a journalist – and could portend the use of such tools to discredit the media. From the International Press Institute.