War in Ukraine

The One-Year Mark

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine continues to have global policy repercussions. From the German Marshall Fund. Anniversaries should be celebratory, but some are painful remembrances of events that elicited profound change.


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Solutions Journalism

Safe Haven in Warsaw

Belarusian refugees give shelter and aid to those fleeing war and persecution, whether in their homeland or Ukraine.

Life-Affirming Scholarships

From bandura players to dancers to footballers, hundreds of young Ukrainians in Poland can keep doing what they love thanks to a volunteer-led effort.

Anti-Discrimination Toolbox

A team of Belarusian lawyers and activists works to defend the rights of compatriots who have adopted Poland as home.


A Populist Tragedy of Our Times

Departing Czech President Milos Zeman has few real achievements, and did much that was damaging, including lowering the standard of political culture. From bne IntelliNews.

Latest News

Hungarian Media’s Pro-Russia Push

While Fidesz leaders claim that Hungary is a committed member of NATO, the government’s press keeps spewing forth mass quantities of the Russian narrative. From Telex.

Once Upon a Time in Budapest

Only one European leader truly wants peace with Russia, Hungary’s prime minister assures the nation. And inflation? Blame Brussels. From Telex.

Learning From Dorota S.

“We were even prohibited from hugging the kids,” a caregiver recalls. “I was told to just treat them like objects.” From Respekt.