War in Ukraine

The One-Year Mark

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine continues to have global policy repercussions. From the German Marshall Fund. Anniversaries should be celebratory, but some are painful remembrances of events that elicited profound change.


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Solutions Journalism

A Smart Bridge Between Generations

Young people in Hungary are teaching thousands of senior citizens how to navigate the cybersphere in a countrywide corporate-civic partnership.

Safe Haven in Warsaw

Belarusian refugees give shelter and aid to those fleeing war and persecution, whether in their homeland or Ukraine.


Latest News

‘Not in My Garden’

Advocates of same-sex marriage rights for Czechs hail a more gender-fluid birth certificate but stress that their bar is set much higher.

Thirty Years of Scams

The downfall of a popular psychology podcaster points to the fertile ground for con artists in Ukraine and Russia. From Global Voices.