Upheaval in Belarus

Belarus on a Knife’s Edge

It is not clear if the opposition to Lukashenka has a cohesive organizational underground capable of coordinating a sustained campaign of resistance.


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Around the Bloc

Thursday, 22 October

Regional headlines: cluster bombs in Karabakh; Pole gets asylum in Norway; Ukrainian elections; EU and Kosovo at cross purposes; and a gold strike in Siberia.

Wednesday, 21 October

Regional headlines: Estonia faces fallout over homophobic remarks; Belgrade to welcome Russian military; EU vs. Poland, TBD; Holocaust play opens in Bucharest; and Chernobyl goes virtual reality.

Tuesday, 20 October

Regional headlines: Slovakia to test entire nation for coronavirus; Kyrgyz ex-official charged; Kazakhstan abolishes death penalty; a Balkan cultural spat; and Turkmenistan’s food crisis.


Latest News

Unlikely Bedfellows?

The resumption of hostilities in the South Caucasus could have far-reaching consequences on the wider region, including on Ukraine’s budding partnership with Azerbaijan.

Bits and Pieces of Hungarian Lives

In her book of linked short stories, Krisztina Toth has written something very like a novel but with all the genre’s mechanisms of showing the interconnections between characters stripped away.