War in Ukraine

The Sinusoid of War

A personal account of the ebb and flow of emotional and even physical reactions to the flood of news from the Ukrainian war, from hopeful to devastating.

Freedom on Fire

With his new film, acclaimed documentarist Evgeny Afineevsky wants us never to forget the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine.

Where Have All the Ukrainian Oligarchs Gone?

The levels of solidarity across society have been astounding, but the reemergence of the privileged economic elites could threaten reconstruction. Or have they too learned their lesson?


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Solutions Journalism

A Loaded Language

How a Belarusian TikToker is teaching people a language whose use can get them behind bars.

Into the Clubhouse

A Belarusian network of centers – grounded in a self-help approach – has transformed the way mental illness is treated in the country.


Dangling Plenty of Carrots

The EU has pinned its hopes for a resolution of the Serbia and Kosovo conflict on a Franco-German proposed agreement, but will it work? From The Conversation.

Post-Post Soviet

It may be time to draw a line between Russian culture and culture produced in Russian.

Latest News

Good But Not Good Enough

Online political advertising has sullied elections in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond, but a Czech-drafted EU proposal should have gone farther.

Orban’s Pipe Dream

How exactly can Hungary operate freely outside the Western “bloc,” while staying a loyal member of the Western “bloc”? From Telex.