Genius or Idiot?

Even 100 years after his first appearance in print, Jaroslav Hasek’s Good Soldier Svejk remains an enigmatic hero. From Respekt.

Upheaval in Belarus

PPE for the People

With the Belarusian government denying there was a problem after the pandemic hit, volunteers stepped in to supply vital protective gear.

The Telegram Effect

As we look back at the beginnings of the Belarusian protests, it would be hard to overestimate the influence of the messenger app in facilitating the unrest.

IT in Belarus: The Golden Years

It took some time, but a vibrant tech community emerged after the fall of the USSR. Its rapid growth could now be threatened by the political crisis. First of two parts.


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Around the Bloc

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The Legacy of Jan Kuciak

Three years after a journalist who knew too much paid with his life, the wheels of justice are starting to turn in Slovakia.

An Elementary Truth

Analysts of the media scene in Central and Eastern Europe trot out their favorite culprits for the sector’s repression, but overall responsibility lies somewhere else.

Latest News

A Debacle for Beijing?

China’s efforts to woo Central and Eastern Europe seem to have taken a blow with the lack of fanfare around the 17+1 online summit.