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tomic 23 june

Dear Editor:

Your reporting on the events that unfolded after the water polo championship was very disappointing, reminding me more of simplistic 1990s anti-Serb propaganda than the balanced reporting I’ve come to expect from TOL.

Ironically, the CNN report on this same event was far more balanced, noting a few things you conveniently neglected to mention before the detailed description of the regrettable events that occurred in Serbia. (There are some brief references way at the bottom, but overall the reader is led to believe the riots were a spontaneous aggressive action on the part of the Serb crowd.)

Some introductory excerpts from the CNN article, which obviously help to put the rioting in Belgrade in proper context:

Incensed by the defeat at the hands of their wartime foes, Croatian supporters smashed up the stadium in Slovenian city of Kranj, injuring two Serb team members and forcing the cancellation of the medals ceremony.

They were throwing bottles, stones, and flares, said a Serb team official. They were shouting ‘kill the Serbs.’

Television pictures of the clashes infuriated Serb fans who attacked Zagreb’s embassy in Belgrade and replaced Croatia’s flag with Serbia’s.

When TOL is being outdone in terms of objective reporting by the very network that defines propaganda, it is a sad day indeed.

Alexander Tomic