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Roma at Risk: Europe’s Largest Minority

Publisher: ‎ Transitions

Publication date: ‎ October 8, 2015

Print length‏: ‎ 75 pages

Language: ‎ English

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Description:  Earlier in his presidency, Václav Havel once said that the so-called “Roma problem” was “a litmus test not of democracy but of a civil society.” A quarter century since the fall of communism, as the “Decade of Roma Inclusion“ draws to a close, Transitions Online brings together a selection of our best reporting on issues involving and affecting Europe’s largest and most disenfranchised minority, from the Baltics to the Caucasus.

Some stories in this collection are tales of triumph and good will. Some are of violence, fueled by hatred and deprivation. Others explore aspects of Roma culture and the Diaspora – of those struggling to preserve it or crush it. The real stories behind the sensationalist headlines, however, are never so simple.

The “Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015,” is an international initiative that has brought together governments, NGOs, and Romani civil society groups from a dozen post-communist countries. The initiative was launched with the aim of closing the vast gap between Roma and non-Roma populations – a gap that was centuries in the making, and which has widened dramatically since the fall of the Berlin Wall.